I have been a client of The Milam Consulting Group, LLC since 2011.  The service they provide has been life-changing for me.  I have been able to pay my debts and build my credit thanks to Milam Consulting!  This is truly a Christian organization who takes care of my finances as if they were their own...I'm blessed to work with them.


                                                                Carrollton, TX

"We have been very blessed by the Milam Consulting Services. Our finances had increased over a small time, and we wanted to make the best decision about where our money was going, including all bills and savings (debt payoff, college, family trips, etc.).  With the help of Milam Consulting, we now have an effective budget and growing savings.  They are trusting and knowledgeable.  I would HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone needing to transform their finances!!"

    JT Shaw,

                                                              Rowlett, TX

  I feel so blessed to have been referred to Milam Consulting. I planned originally to just stay on for six months in order to learn how to properly budget. BUT! Within that short six month span I paid off two major debts I had and increased my credit score. I was astonished at how efficient and productive Milam Consulting was beyond the high hopes I already had. Not only was I paying off debts I was increasing my bank account as well and having more wiggle room for my everyday spending. I am so honored to have Milam Consulting handling my finances and showing me the proper way to get my house in order. So much so, I have opted to continue with them for years to come I cannot wait to see more progress which I know will surely come. Thank you Milam Consulting for showing me the possibilities of financial freedom. I would and have recommended the confidential, meticulous, painstaking and Christian care with which you have handled my personal finances to others. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!        

D. Jackson,

       Mesquite, TX        

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