Financial Stewardship

A strategic guide to managing your finances

Greetings Potential Client:

First, thank you for your interest in Milam Consulting Group, LLC Financial Management. Our objective at Milam Consulting Group LLC (MCG) is to provide professional assistance related to helping you become the best at managing your finances and becoming a better steward over your money. Through strategic planning, goal setting, and improving overall efficiency in what you do, we are sure you will be successful at future financial planning. We will be responsible for the process of organizing your monthly bills, paying your monthly expenses in a timely, efficient manner, and help you save money where you can. 


  1. Procedures
  2. Budget Consultation
  3. Set Up Monthly Budget
  4. Track Monthly Spending
  5. Organize Monthly Payables
  6. Financial Management Excel Worksheets
  7. Monthly Planning Sessions
  8. Financial Goal Monitoring
  9. Reduce Debt with monthly payment schedule
  10. Accounts Payables
  11. Savings/Financial Goal Monitoring


This process demands significant involvement and discipline by you. Ultimate success is highly dependent on your effort. To help achieve a smooth and successful outcome, it will be your responsibility to:

  1. Commit to your financial goals each month
  2. Work your plan of action
  3. Attend monthly planning sessions
  4. Focus on being disciplined
  5. Submit a list of total debt
  6. Submit a list of total expenses for the month
  7. Submit a total amount of monthly income
  8. Submit a list of all payable accounts
  9. Submit financial documents upon request


When our process is complete, you will have successfully learned how to manage your finances.

Benefits include timely, accurate accounting processes, ease of organizing your financial documentation, and better control of your finances.