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Academic Success for Students

Our academic success approach involves one-on-one tutoring for students who need extra help in core and elective subjects. We aspire to help students develop self-confidence, raise self-concept, and reduce anxiety or fear of failure in academic work.

We assist students in achieving a better understanding of specific subject material and in improving academic capabilities in designated areas.

The student, the tutor and the parent each have responsibilities as it pertains to being successful during a tutoring session

Milam Consulting Tutoring Expectations

The Student Should:

Come with an Action plan: What do you need to know

Be prepared: Please bring all materials for your session (books, paper, pens, pencils, etc.)

Arrive on time: Depending on what time you are allotted for your session, punctuality is a must.  

Avoid procrastination. Allow extra time to work on your class materials.

Be an active participant. Expect to be engaged in the tutoring process. Your tutor will ask questions and initiate dialogue during the session.

Provide feedback: Expect to be honest and inform your tutor if a specific technique used in the session is not right for you.

Do follow through: Show commitment to self improvement and achieving goals.

 The Tutor Should:

 Encourage the student to always do their best and to never quit.

 Encourage the student to remain positive and focused.

Have respect and professionalism in the workplace.  Your tutor will always respect you and be professional.  

Tutors will not do your homework: Your tutor will not do your work for you, but will help you solve problems.

Respect the confidentiality of the information shared during a tutoring session.

The Parent Should:

 Always encourage your student to do their best

Trust the tutor

Give feedback to the student and tutor

Review information sent home with the student

Assist at home if needed, do not do the student’s work for them






Milam Consulting Tutoring Rate Form

Tutoring rates for students needing tutoring sessions.

Milam Consulting Tutoring Expectations

Expectations of the student, tutor and the parent.